The First Annual Let It Fly Classic

On August 14, 2015, eight teams ages 16 & under battled it out at Highland Park in the sweltering heat. After two great first round games, Team Lynn & Team BNF distanced themselves in the Western Brackets. In the Eastern Bracket Team Cambridge & Team Revere distanced themselves. After this round it was clear who the favorites were as Lynn and Cambridge set up a great finals matchup. In the final round, Team Lynn was able to pull away from Cambridge behind the amazing performance from the tournament MVP, Jaylen "The Bull" Johnson, and a strong supporting cast.


Championship Lynn Team with Sponsors Early Start Co
Co-Directors Laughing
Ceremonial Championship Game Tipoff by Officer Mojica with
Team Cambridge with Coach Geo
Team OTF with Coach Rob Gonzalves
Team Gunnas _w Sponsor Calvin T Brown
Team Revere with coach Tyrone Brunson and Coach Nkrumah Jones
Team Lynn with Coach Paul and Coach Brian
Team YRN with coaches James Alphone and Christopher Phanord
Team Supreme with Coach Jeff Etienne
Team Beacon Academy with Coaches Roger Perez and Kingsley Umemba
PreChampionship Game Tipoff with Officer Sammy Mojica_Coach Geo(Cambridge)_Coach Brito(Lynn)


As far as fundraising we were able to raise more than $4000 via Go Fund Me and Local Businesses. Year 1 of the Classic came to a close on June 1st, co-founder Cesar Castro along with Chelsea Black Community (CBC) and the Chelsea High Scholarship committee awarded three scholarships to the following graduates: 

  • Mariama Kamara

  • Katherine Cabral

  • Jonathan Gomez-Pereira